Thursday, March 16, 2006

Don't covet thy neighbor's electricity

This kind of posting is generally against the grain of topics I like to discuss on my blog, but every once in a while some topics really do catch your eye. I come from India, where power theft is a major problem. In fact it is estimated that about 40% of power is stolen in India. The modus-operandum is quite simple. Just attach a wire to a hook and hook this whole assembly up on a wire carrying electricity and voila! You have electricity that you dont need to pay for.
This is really a problem in slum colonies and hutments and entire parallel economies exist around stolen electricity, where a local hooligan charges you a one time "fee" to supply you with stolen power.
BBC has done a very thoughtful article on this problem
and in fact the image pasted on my blog above is actually BBC news' image. What caught my attention really was the mess that this electric pylon was and the impunity with which such things are done. I hope some politician somewhere has the guts to do something about this.


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